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The Second Presale will be released along with 3 Major Bonuses!

1. Free Global Model's Limited Poster Item
(Randomly choose from 3 versions)
2. Obtained the privilege to purchase Global Model's Holographic Music Decoration!
(Global Model's related items can be traded in the secondary market.Please check the official announcement for future information.)
3.Twenty E-FLASH NFTs to be released. Win vouchers by opening blind boxes and receive one physical and one virtual electric vehicle to race through both the real world and MetaCity M metaverse streets!
(Check Tesla official website for Tesla Model 3 vehicle delivery availability in your region. An equal value of ethereum will be compensated should vehicle delivery prove unavailable.)

※ Please complete car booking information before 2022/07/07 23:59 (GMT +8). Orders submitted after this time will NOT be processed.

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Official Contract Address

MetaCityM Land0xa39……8fCfa0xa39853A45D0420D8dB0F660EA39dA1E89608fCfa
MetaCityM Land OG0x820……f23bf0x82016d4ad050ef4784e282b82a746d3e01df23bf

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Global Model's 25 25 Homes on Planet Titan

First Class Cities
Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, Taipei, Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, London, Cairo
Second Class Cities

Second Presale

Planet "Titan" Global Land Grand Sale

60K lots selected for 1ST PHASE SALE

One town features 1000 block virtual grid

Each block size in 40*30 virtual grid

Land levels are divided into three grades [S A B] And sold in a blind boxes with the chance to acquire S-grade land

Land acquired in Blind boxes contain are scattered all over the world! All land in second presale are distributed between 55 different First Class Cities and 690 Second Class Cities.

Game White Paper
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Fully Open Cities Become Part of the Metaverse

510 million Sq. kilometer planet with 81.6 million Sq. kilometers of developable land allow for creativity to build the world of your wildest dreams!

If You Can See It, You Can Trade It

Metaverse+NFT integration means that your valuable possessions such as land, real estate, cars, jets, pets, clothes, furniture... can all be freely traded with other players.

Game Overview

MetaCity M is a semi-sandbox open world game! Anyone can jump in and enjoy the freedom we provides, all with a free download. Make friends from all over the world, explore and travel, or even visit players on other planets.

Land Introduction

Rented or bought, land is the starting point for any player's development in MetaCity M. Owning a piece of land means you can build houses, mansions, city buildings, or even make some cash with a professional store! All land can be purchased as NFTs from land boxes or other players. You can even rent out your land for a profit!

Property Appearance

Creating properties is one of the foremost activities for players in MetaCity M. Any building can be upgrade to any available style, and you can mix and match the exterior according to your tastes, with customizeable roofs, exterior walls, windows, and doors on offer!

Interior Design

You can design the interior of your house with all kinds of available decorations. Windows can be changed to all different shapes and sizes to create a great view right out your home's window!

Advance Ads System

Through the unique advertising system in-game, you can create both indoor and outdoor ads - such as billboards, LED, picture carousals, or even AV advertisements - We welcome collaboration with major and minor brands!

Careers and Skills

There are more than 15 different skills in MetaCity M, such as woodcutting, mining, planting, hunting, fishing, cooking, smelting, parts processing, weaving. By learning and mastering specific skills, players can create a unique item that can be sold on the market!

Game Screen

PHASE 2022 Q1

Complete Planet Titan, MetaCity M's first planet, and share a completed prototype of the first ever city. Gameplay footage will also be shared, the the Land Boxes will make their world premiere. Our global endorser will make public appearances, and popular worldwide communities will be invited to participate in collab events!

PHASE 2022 Q2

Our global model will make public appearances. Whitelisted members will be granted the privilege of enjoying the first closed beta test, become true NFT landlords, enjoy in-game currency/item airdrops, and participate in an exclusive NFT Town Building Project.

PHASE 2022 Q3

Planet Titan is officially open for migration - in this diverse and free planet, you can do whatever your heart desires.

PHASE 2022 Q4

Gamamobi partners with well-known brands to launch the NFT Metaverse Project of a fully customizeable town.

About MetaCity M

"MetaCity M" is a metaverse game in development for over 2 years, that is brought to you by a team with more than ten years of game publishing experience. Social-Fi, international e-commerce, and brand advertising, are all brought together in the metaverse in MetaCity M. Brands featuring anything from real estate to cars to fashion are all welcome to participate in the MetaCity M content experience. A global launch is planned for 2022, and this new and innovative title is sure to change the way we look at games forever. By creating new applications for futuristic technology, MetaCity M defines the cutting edge of the new metaverse trend.

Business Partnership

If you have any requests for collaboration, please contact us using the contact information below.

Partnership Email:[email protected]

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$ 499USD

1. The Land Box contains land from first and second class cities that scatter around the world and divide into S, A, and B that can be randomly obtained when it's open!

2. The company will absorb the gas fee when you purchase with a credit card. A single purchase is limited to 2 Land Boxes, Please purchase separately if you want to purchase more than 2 Boxes.

3. To purchase with WETH, please prepare some MATIC(transaction fee/gas fee) in your wallet.

4. Buyers of land boxes are immediately eligible to join the whitelist to buy Global model's Holographic Music Decoration and to join the airdrop of Poster ornaments.

5. Due to legal restrictions, The land Box cannot be purchased from Mainland China.

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BiiLabs is MetaCity M technical partner, are consists of various remarkable talents in the blockchain industry that focus on development and Consulting, to form a blockchain development and consulting team. The Company assists MetaCity M to provide safe and stable blockchain technology and work together to create a true metaverse game.


Demi-Human NFT is DemiVerse Studio's first 10K PFP series work on Ethereum. A Taiwanese team x Thai painters collaborated to create a metaverse project developed with the concept of "DAO IP". With the consensus of "playing together, healing together, and getting rich together" as its core concept, it is determined to create a positive virtuous circle and build the friendliest NFT community in Asia. The Demi-Human NFT Community is now a huge community of up to 3,500 holders. This year, it will explore the new Web3.0 community management with a new six-faction battle mode, and lead all Demily to explore the era of metaverse.


Ogilvy is a US-based international advertising, marketing, and public relations company that provides all communication services to many of the leading brands as the world's largest global network of integrated creatives.


To ensure the security and fairness of NFT issued by MetaCity M, the NFTs will be audited by a third-party company, CertiK, which is a DeFi-based security audit team, to ensure that the NFTs you purchase is safe.


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Global Model's related items can be traded in the secondary market. Please check the official announcement for future information.

YG Entertainment:

YG Entertainment is one of the most famous entertainment agencies with the most Hip Hop singers in South Korea. The company operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publishing house.

$ 99USD

1.Land Boxes contain land from first and second class cities across MetaCity M's metaverse world and are divided into S, A and B tiers, that will be randomly awarded upon the opening a profit sharing box! (receive 1/5 of the profit after land is rented out)

2. Purchase with a credit card to avoid paying a gas fee.

3. To purchase with WETH, please ensure you have sufficient MATIC for transaction and gas fee purchases ready in your wallet.

4.There is a limit of 100 profit participation certification boxes per purchase. If you wish to purchase more than 100 Profit Participation Certificate Boxes, please purchase them in separate transactions.

5. Due to legal restrictions, The land Box cannot be purchased from Mainland China.

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