About The Game World

1.What is MetaCity M?

MetaCity M is a game built in and upon the principles of the metaverse. MetaCity M features a limitless world for you to explore - start from nothing, and build your way up to having everything you could possibly desire. All your belongings are really yours too, with MetaCity M's NFT integration! Start your future life now with MetaCity M.

2.When will MetaCity M officially launch?

The game is still in the development process and is planned to be released before October 2022!

3.Where can I download MetaCity M?

When the game is officially launched, you can join our metaverse on Google Play Store and App Store!

We will try our best to develop on other platforms to satisfy every player on the market! We are looking forward to your arrival on the Titan Planet.

About The Land

4.What is MetaCity M Land? Why buy land?

Each MetaCity M Land is a special existence, if you own a piece of MetaCity M Land, it means you get an invitation ticket to the Titan planet! You can build, plant, and make whatever you want on this piece of land that belongs to you. It's also the starting point for your adventures on the planet.

5.What is Mayor Coupon?

Any brand owner with a Mayor coupon will be able to create a town with its own brand image. For example, a sports brand can build a sports town. Ordinary players can sell to the brand owner through the secondary market OpenSea.

6.How large is MetaCity M?

On the Titan planet, with a total area of 510 million square kilometers, there are more than 81.6 million square kilometers of the world for you to explore and develop. All unexpected things may happen here, or have already happened!

7.How to obtain Land?

You can buy it from the official website or get it from the secondary market OpenSea. If you want to learn more about the purchase process, you can go to our "How to Buy" guide.

8.Can I merge or split the Meta Land?

The land is not connected, so it cannot be merged or divided.

9.What can the Landowners do?

After acquiring land, you can check your land grade, different type of grades will have different types of properties, and you can also build a dream house and design its interior-exterior decoration to your own preferences.

10.Can I resell my Land?

Yes, you can resell at the Secondary market.

11.Can I refund my purchases?

You cannot refund for any reason, but you can still trade it to other players through the secondary market OpenSea.

12.What is the Land's market value?

To consider the needs of all players, Any NFT that is officially offered for limited sale and minted (First Presale not included), regardless of the land, the appearance or any other items will cost the same, no matter how high the primary and secondary market prices are, the prices of all NFTs officially launched in limited quantities will not be increased due to the market price.

13.How do I know which blockchain to use?

The NFTs sold by the official is built on the Polygon chain, and any transactions of land or products in the future will be operated on the Polygon chain.

Precautions Before Buying

14.Private keys are important! Please keep it properly!

The private key is a password to your wallet, which represents the ownership of private property. If it is lost, you will lose the right to operate the wallet. After you have successfully purchased your LAND box, please keep all transaction information properly, and keep your private wallet key carefully, once lost, it cannot be recovered!

15. What is Recovery Phrase?

Recovery Phrase is another form of a private key, which is needed when you need to recover the wallet address.

16. What should I do if I forget the Recovery Phrase?

If the Recovery Phrase is lost, it cannot be recovered. Please copy it with pen and paper and keep it in a safe place.

17. What is Gas fee?

Gas fee is a fee required when trading on the blockchain. It's similar to the fee for sending money from one bank to another, but the difference between the two is that the Gas fee is a variable fee and the amount varies depending on the congestion and transaction volume of the selected blockchain.

18.It's so complicated to purchase land. Is there any easy and fast way to purchase?

There is a faster way to purchase land! You can use credit card payment! Currently no need admission fee!

19. Will Cryptocurrency go into my wallet instantly?

Every time you purchase a cryptocurrency, you will need to pay a gas fee(handling fee) that can affect processing time, we suggest preparing enough cryptocurrency before purchasing NFT. (when purchasing NFTs, you need to prepare MINT(Process )fee 1 Matic each time)

20. How to switch chains to purchase land?

If you have not yet established a Polygon chain, you can go to the "How to buy" wallet to add a Polygon chain and a WETH token (the text needs to be linked) to complete the setup.

If you have previously set up the Polygon chain in your wallet, you only need to open the wallet, click "Network", which will list the blockchains you can use, and select the Polygon chain to purchase land NFTs.


21.Who is the MetaCity M Team?

We are a Global Mobile Game Developer and Publisher that has been focusing on the gaming industry for the past 20 years! Today we have many passionate experts that have a lot of experience in PC, Mobile, Console also Web Games and hope can bring a good gaming experience to the players!

22.Where can I contact the MetaCity M Team or Customer Service?

If you have any questions about the game, please join our Discord, we will have someone to answer your questions. if you want to know more about our latest news, you can also follow our social media on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!

All your suggestions are our progress motivation!

23.Where can I see my purchase history?

You can connect to the wallet on the official website, click "NFTs" on the left banner, enter the page and select "LANDS" to view it, or you can view it from your wallet.

For the process of viewing the wallet, please check "How to Check Purchased NFTs on MetaMask", or you can view it from OpenSea, by referring the guide of "How to View&Sell NFTs at OpenSea".