Genesis-Motor NFT Remaining:

About NFT appearances

Step into the virtual realm to
appreciate your classic motorcycle NFT.

Get a personal MetaCity M exhibition room and create a grand display of your very own virtual motorcycle.

Own a world-first metaverse motorcycle!

Acquire same model real and virtual NFT motorcycle in MetaCity M! Race through the metaverse and experience freedom like never before!

Limited to 100 units worldwide.

MetaCity M is partnering with elite designers to launch "Genesis-Motor" NFT, which is limited to 100 units worldwide and will never be re-published.

By establishing partnerships with established artists
& designers, we create classics worthy of creating
collections. By joining forces with world-renowned
designer team "JC Architecture" (JCA)

By joining forces with world-renowned designer team "JC Architecture" (JCA), MetaCity M and JCA meticulously forge a unique aesthetic for every individual Harley-Davidson motorcycle NFT, infusing each unit with unique NFT DNA. Through these features, the "Genesis-Motor" NFT proves itself as a truly valuable collectible.

Step into the virtual realm to
appreciate your classic motorcycle NFT.

Get a personal MetaCity M exhibition room and create a grand display of your very own virtual motorcycle.

About NFT appearances

100 unique NFT appearance issued

MetaCity M invites Johnny Chiu to collaborate and create a limited edition Harley NFT. His innovative and experimental design works have led him to become the first-ever Taiwanese designer to win the WAF/INSIDE World Interior Design Award annual award, and is a key figure in defining Asian design who was named by GQ and Lavie in 2020 as one of the top 100 creative influencers. In this cross-industry collaboration, Johnny aims to deliver NFTs that each have their own unique Harley soul. Through impressive visuals, virtual motorcycle owners make players feel the speed and excitement of real motorcycling.

About the design team

NFT appearance design philosophy


JC Architecture

Twilight NFT

MetaCity M x Metaverse
The first metaverse motorcycle

MetaCityM features metaverse motocycle in-game - exterior details from lights to fuming exhaust pipes, the game recreates each vehicle with meticulous detail. Owners can ride to their heart's content on their mighty motorcycle throughout the vast and fantastical realms of the metaverse. Exceed borders, speed limits, geography, and various other restrictions in MetaCityM! Players can customize their motorcycle however they want. Take in-game customization to the limits of your imagination and savor every little detail in the creation of legendary classic motocycle. NFTs are no longer just a simple image or certificate, but now represent something far more significant and collectible. Own your first ever cross-realm collectible and become a metaverse biker!

NFT Metaverse features

  • Race through a limitless virtual world
  • Have virtual motorcycle meets
  • Display classic motorcycle in

    your personal exhibition room

  • In-game motorcycle paint and

    vinyl customization

NFT Metaverse attributes

  • Horsepower (HP):

    121 HP

    Torque (Nm):

    125 Nm

  • Quad-valve

    V2 engine

  • 2-1-2



    exhaust pipes

  • Low-riding


Metacity M, the metaverse game, will be launched globally in Q3 2022, and Genesis-Motor NFT holders will be able to experience driving a motorcycle in game, so stay tuned!

About MetaCity M

About the
design team

Johnny Chiu (邱柏文) if the founder of JC Architecture. Johnny's team brings together the enthusiasm and fantasy from partners all over the world, who hold the concept of 'studio think tank' and the experimental spirit deeply in its designs. They apply this creativity to residences, commercial spaces, public buildings and offices, travel destinations, and even some trains, ships, furniture and exhibition spaces, offering and applying brand vision to deliver a full package of creative planning for each and every design. For his works such as Mingri train, Mingri kitchen, Not Just a Library, JCA Life lab and the new generation design exhibition, his works have won annual design awards both at home and abroad. For example, JC Architecture has received awards from Golden Dot Design, Red Dot Design from Germany, and the GOOD DESIGN AWARD from Japan, and are widely praised across the world by the likes of GQ, VOGUE, ELLE and more.


About the 2022 Sportster-S

In-depth introduction provided by the official website

Powertrain system


The next chapter of the legendary V-Twins is now here! REVOLUTION™MAX is a liquid-cooled powertrain system featuring a dual overhead camshaft and variable valve timing. Packed to the brim with jaw-dropping torque power and fine-tuned, nigh-instant power delivery, the system ensures maximum maneuverability for its rider.

Exhaust pipes

2-into-1-into-2; elevated exhaust pipes

Inspired by the glory days of H-D Dirt Rally, these pipes were manufactured using anti-corrosive 304 series stainless steel, capable of successfully redirecting hot exhaust fumes from the rider's legs to the back of the vehicle.


Classic meets modern: 4" (inch) round display

All essential information is displayed through a 4-inch(102mm) spherical thin film transistor with in-built bluetooth functionality: digital dials, indicator lights, riding modes, and a Harley-Davidson® sat-nav app. Every function is accessible through buttons on either hand's manual grip stick.

Biker technology

Choose your riding mode

Press a switch and choose from 3 pre-programmed Ride modes (Sport,Road,and Rain) or create your own custom mode: tune your motorcycle with a specific combination of power delivery, engine braking, Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking system(C-ABS) and Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System(C-TCS) setting.

Bike frame

Dual-purpose powertrain system

The Revolution Max1250T is a structural component of the motorcycle chassis, slimming a traditional frame, which significantly reduces overall weight and keeps handling precise.This is performance you can feel, with a low center of gravity and a super rigid chassis.

For detailed information regarding the motorcycle, please see the Harley-Davidson website. >>>


How to create a wallet-Metamask tutorial
How to buy with credit card directly (without exchanging currency)
How can I see my NFT after the purchase?
What kind of game is MetaCity M?

"MetaCity M" is a business simulation game based on blockchain technology, where you can experience a boundless world, and create anything from nothing. Nearly all objects are convertable into NFTs. Start your future life in a true metaverse game with MetaCity M.

How long does it take for me to receive the motorcycle?

Genesis-Motor NFT: After the game is online, it will be verified with your in-game account and crypto wallet (the related NFT must be in the same wallet), then transferred to your game.

Physical car: After the purchase registration is completed, the dealer will contact you through the registration information you left on website. For this reason, ensure the information is correct and complete. Delivery fulfilment time depends on the dealer.


Genesis-Motor Twilight NFT

※ This release is in the form of blind boxes, which will be randomly delivered by the system at the time of purchase, and the unboxing time will be announced by the official.

※ If you purchase with a credit card, a gas fee will not be charged.

※ In order to purchase smoothly with WETH, ensure your wallet also contains enough Matic to cover the gas fee

※ For bank transfer purchases, please use the official form.

※ The serial number, style, and content of the gifts that consumers receive from participating in this special event are subject to the final release, purchasers cannot select the style, serial number, or content on their own. Quantity is limited, while stocks last. Subsequent transactions in other markets are up to the discrection of individual participants and are not related with official sales.

※ Due to legal restrictions, this event is unavailable in mainland China.

※ This product is not eligible for refunds or returns.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON 2022 Sportster-S

※ This event is limited to the purchase of HARLEY-DAVIDSON 2022 Sportster-S motorcycle.

※ For service and warranty queries regarding the real-world motorcycle, please see information provided by HARLEY-DAVIDSON.

※ Rental companies, commercial vehicles, government agencies and project wholesalers are not eligible to participate in this event.

※ The model and appearance on the web page may differ from the actual model. Please refer to HARLEY-DAVIDSON for specific model and specification information. For more information, please contact the HARLEY-DAVIDSON dealer.

※ Gamamobi reserves the right to change and revise the content and results of this event. All event rewards and methods are based on the latest event

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