Closed Beta Timing:

9/29 9:00 (GMT+8) ~ 10/5 9:00 (GMT+8)

Account Sign Up Timing:

9/13 9:00 (GMT+8) ~ 9/26 9:00 (GMT+8)

Closed Beta Participation Eligibility:

Any player who currently owns MetaCity M Land can sign up to participate in the Closed Beta Test.
An additional 1000 places will be opened for players without land - first come first served!
The Scarlet Comet is one of the most technologically innovated vehicles on Titan. In addition to extreme power, it features an exceptional design for extreme comfort - not to mention style.

Scarlet Comet Design Details

Event Timing:9/29 9:00 (GMT+8) ~ 10/5 9:00 (GMT+8)

Event 1:
Share specified MetaCity M posts and leave a screenshot of your ID to get the chance to win a Scarlet Comet!
Event 2:
Within the Closed Beta test time period, fill in the questionnaire to get Metaverse treasure.

Game Screen

This Closed Beta is a one-time play version only, after the Beta period ends any progress will be deleted. Anything held in a personal wallet will not be affected in any way by the Closed Beta.
The primary purpose of this Beta is for testing only. The final product may be different to the beta test version.
During the beta test, MetaCity M servers may occasionally be adjusted or maintained, thank you for your patience.
Any and all in-game data used and created during the Closed Beta period belongs to MEGAVERSE GAME.
MEGAVERSE GAME reserves the right to make any changes to events, including the conditions of participation and participating players. The up-to-date information and rules will be according to the latest official announcement.

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